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    Made to Order – Premium Clothing for Men

  • Hand Made Shirts

    Priced $129 - $179. European Designs - Egyptian, Giza Cotton Fabric.
    Customize your Collar and Cuffs on any Shirt you like

  • Legacy of a Polo Legend

    he was the "world's best polo 'back' player"

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Made To Order

We don’t mass produce our designs. We cut the fabric just after you buy it where then each garment is hand crafted to perfection.

Free Customization

Have any of our fine Garments made the way you like them or have them "Made To Measure" for no additional charge.

1 Year Guarantee

If you wish to return or exchange any of your garments, you can send them back to us for up to 1 year after purchase.

Favourite Designs of the Week

"Wearing a Kahloner Garment is not just about how it makes you look, but equivalently, about how it makes you feel…When just knowing what you have on is ...all that matters."

Gurri S. Kahlon

Gurri S. Kahlon


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